Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I know we're only halfway there, but you take me all the way.

(Denim shirt, Bugis Street. Inner crop top, Asos. Joni denim high waist jeans, Topshop)

Hello, hello. I'm still alive, still breathing. Just a little nauseous and dizzy. In the last 24 hours, I have thrown up about 5 times and everytime I get up, my world feels like it has spun a million times. I'm not exaggerating. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I feel fine when I lie down, and right now I'm blogging while lying down on the bed. Feels goooooooood.

I haven't been shopping much these days. I used to be quite the shopaholic. I haven't shopped at Nastygal since forever. I need new clothes, I want to shop for new clothes, but I don't know.... Everytime I see something nice now, I take a long time to think about getting it; and when I finally decide to buy it, it doesn't appeal to me anymore. Why oh why??!! I'm frustrated but I guess I'm glad at the same time?? I think my bank wants me to save. 

Anyway, I really wanna get the Coltrane using my PVS voucher, but I don't know if they have those. I hope they do. Otherwise, which JC shoes do you suggest I get? I want a pair of cutout boots!

I need to go rest now. Hopefully, I'll be fine enough to walk and go to work tomorrow. Dizzy head, go away.


  1. sorry to read that ur not feeling well :(
    i hope you feel better soon
    love the outfit ;)

    1. Thanks babe! That's really sweet. I'm all better now :)