Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Floating so high above the ground.

(Lace crop top, H&M. Leather skater skirt, Miss Selfridge)

So, so sorry for the lack of updates! Peak period has officially kicked in at work- so less time here, more time working. Anyway, I was home early today, so I figured I get this post up.

Mish and I went to Vivocity two Sundays ago for our usual weekend escapade (yes, we're boring like that, but it's only because Singapore is boring blearghhh). Wore my new leather skater skirt from Miss Selfridge's Petite range which I got at a little over 50 bucks. Loving the soft pleat details of the skirt! The material is not fantastic though, and ironing it is a bitch. I have to place a layer of cloth over the skirt and iron over it.

I can't believe that it's already March. Felt like it was just yesterday I turned 23. Feel so old every time I mention my age. I AM ageing, and it scares me a little at how fast we're all growing. I wish time would stay still for a while.

Oh well, gotta head to bed now. Anybody free to accompany me for lunch tomorrow at Tampines? I'm doing audit alone there. Ring me up! Goodnight everyone.

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