Friday, March 8, 2013


(Laced skater dress, Nastygal)

Headed to Vivocity for the second time in two weeks with my niece last Sunday. This was my outfit. You've seen me in this before. I'm saving my new clothes for better days.

Got myself a denim overall dress from Topshop that day. The first time I tried it on a couple of weeks back I decided I shouldn't get it. But after trying it on again that day and upon knowing that there was no more UK 6 in all of Singapore (one of the staffs told me that), I purchased it there and then. I already have thoughts on how I should wear it. Can't wait to show you my ensemble! It's pretty neat, if I say so myself.

Moving on, I figured I shouldn't be doing anymore leg exercises because I feel like my thighs only get bulkier when I do so. If I were to put the photos of my thighs pre-leg workout and post-leg workout side by side, you'll see what I mean. It really is quite obvious (you can literally see that bit of muscle protruding out at the area above my knee now; I didn't have it back then). I shall stick to having slimmer thighs by just running. I guess toning my thighs is only an option when I already have freaking skinny thighs, like Miranda Kerr. Otherwise, toning them will only make them look fatter than they already are. Anybody else having the same problem? Haizz.

On a positive note, it's Friday guys! Can't wait to see my baby later. Have an awesome weekend!

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