Friday, February 22, 2013

Love stoned.

And the boyfriend's OOTD.

(Ivana cut out maxi, Nastygal)

I'm sure you remember this dress that I wore sometime last year? I wanted to wear it for the second time this year, on my birthday, but I burnt it while ironing. The thought of not having it in my wardrobe was too unbearable; I had to purchase a new one to replace my defective piece. I was relieve to learn that the dress was only selling for US$35.20 (a far cry from the original US$88 that I got for)- so I guess it's not that bad having to purchase it for the second time. I love this dress too much to simply do nothing about it. Anyway, I got the second piece at one size smaller than the original size I got because I realise the fit of the first one wasn't that good.

The photos obviously don't do justice to this beautiful dress. I don't know why but the lighting always suck around my place. And I look dark! This happens all the time. I'm not even dark to begin with. Sheesh.

So Mish and I hit the big 5 last Saturday. Went out to dinner at Swenson's, followed by movie afterwards and then home. Nothing special on a special day. Haha. Guess that's how things are like when you progress into the next part of your relationship. You stop taking pictures together, you text/call only when there's a reason to, you meet once- twice tops- in a week, you don't mind not having an extarvagant celebration for your birthday, you don't mind not getting anything for your birthday, you don't celebrate monthsaries, you forget your monthsaries, you don't plan for your anniversaries.... you get the drift. I can only imagine how it will be like 10 years down the road. So little little things like dressing up a little more for the day kinda makes up for a lot of things that's lacking. Ah well, the most important thing is I love you right, babe?

PS: My apologies for the little peek-a-boo. I've tried to my best to remove it (using, but I couldn't do it without distorting that entire part of my dress. Times like this I really wish I know how to photoshop. Anyway, before you haters start your hating, I just wanna say I don't give a fuck. All hate comments regarding this will be deleted.

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