Monday, February 18, 2013

Peaches and cream.

(Oversized sweater, Stradivarius. Lace shorts, Saboskirt. Lita platform boots, Nastygal)
Photos by: Masturah K

Finally met up with this beautiful blogger, Masturah, from Fashion the Foster. After months of whatsapp-ing and commenting on each other's photos on Instagram, we decided to officially meet up and have dinner together (previous meet-ups involve either of us passing our Nastygal loots to the other). I buy from Nastygal so often (almost every other week), I'd die if I have to bear the entire shipping cost myself every time. And that was how I met Massy! This girl, like me, is a Nastygal addict. She would order stuff from Nastygal and split the shipping cost with me. She holds me responsible for her addiction. Sorry babe, what good is knowledge of something great if you don't share it? Hehe.

Apart from our similar fashion sense (which resulted in one too many identical purchases!), this girl also shares the same interest and habit as me. We both love Thai Express and we sleep extremely late on non-working/school nights. We can be texting at 4 am in the morning without worries of disturbing each other. I am definitely envious of this super stylish blogger's shoe collection. She has a CRAZY amount of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I can only dream of owning every single one of them.

PS: My thighs are freaking huge and ugly. Period.

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