Thursday, February 7, 2013


Again, I apologise for the lack of updates. Work has engulfed me. Typing this while en route to Harbourfront for audit fieldwork. I really can't wait for this long weekend. I need this holiday! January has been amazing, but I need a breather (especially since my first paycheck is in, ehem!). BUT BUT BUT, I need to start replenishing the funds I used up for work too. Too much has gone out, with nothing coming in. Need to save, save, save if I wish to get married in 2 years!

Mish and I are hitting our 5 years together this February 16. It's a good thing that 16 February falls on a Saturday.We have plans to go to 1 Market to celebrate our so-called 'anniversary' (I honestly hate this anniversary word, but I can't think of another word to replace it). My brother went there with his wife recently, and they said it was good for the price they paid. Another event I'm looking forward to this February (besides Adventure Cove and JB and meet up with Masturah K this long weekend)! On a side note, oh my Sexayes and NPNF girls, when are we ever gonna meet up? Missing you girls already.

I hope to get more outfits photographed this weekend and liven this space up a little with pictures. I pray for good weather.

Meanwhile, how do you like my new dress and body chain? More on this ensemble soon, hopefully.

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