Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thick as thieves.

Day 1:

Felt bad that I couldn't spend the whole day with Mish on his birthday. You see, his birthday fell on a Monday and I had work almost the entire day. So to make up for it, I decided to bring him out to Au Chocolat for a pre-birthday celebration on Sunday. We meant to have desserts there, but we ended up ordering main courses as well because both of us were famished. Mish ordered the Minute Steak Sandwich while I had the Homemade Garlic Herb Pesto Pasta with Prawns. I don't know about the steak (cause I don't eat red meat), but mine was delish x10. The prawns were huge and succulent and the serving was generous.

Really wanted to have my outfit photographed that day, but couldn't get any because of the weather. The sky was dark, it was raining non-stop the whole day and I only met Mish at about 7.30 pm. By then, the sun was already gone and you know how I dislike shooting at night, in the absence of natural light. I love what I wore then. Such a pity that I didn't manage to get it shot. Oh well, will do so some other time.

Anyway, back to Au Chocolat. We went on to order desserts after having our main. We didn't order much because we were full from dinner. Mish settled on the Oreo Cheesecake, while I got the White Chocolate + Hazelnut Macaroon. The macaroon was divine. I've developed a strong liking for macaroons ever since I tasted one from Bakerzin. I especially like the ones with hazelnut filling. Yummy.

After dinner, we walked around MBS for a bit before we head home.

Super yummy. I highly recommend this.

Birthday boy looking a lil tired. He insisted on playing soccer before meeting me.

Act cute.

My $7 macaroon, which was HUGE by the way.

Me looking pale and boring as ever.

Day 2:

Actual birthday! Since I was working on Monday and he had a job interview the same day, our dress code was FORMAL/ OFFICE WEAR. Hahahaha! Please excuse my tired face.

I really feel like having this now!

This pancake is THE BOMB. That little black/brown sauce at the side is caramel. If heaven had a taste, it would definitely be those bananas dipped in that caramel sauce.

My mehhhh pasta. Not good at all.

I hope you like your gift babe. But most importantly, I hope you enjoyed the time spent with me on your birthday.

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