Friday, January 18, 2013

The love you take is equal to the love you make.

You don't get to see a lot of photos of me and my bf here, so I'm gonna spam them photos while I can!

I look really huge beside my bf. But that's only because I'm in my 5 inch-high platforms.

Oops, sorry for the bad lighting!

I always have the same thing whenever I go to Fish and Co- White fish with peri-peri sauce, chips and mash potato.

The glorious Red Velvet Cake. The picture does no justice.

(Twist knot dress, Saboskirt)

Our birthday celebrations get simpler each year because we tell each other what we want exactly and how we're going to celebrate our special day. It all started last year when we got tired of planning for surprises and racking our brains for gifts. Bf wants a Fred Perry bag that can be used for both work and play this year while I want a Nastygal gift card (for obvious reasons, haha). Sidetrack: my Nastygal addiction has reached disturbing new heights. Just 2 weeks into the year and I've ordered 3 times from Nastygal. Yes, I know it's ironic and annoying that I complain I do not have the money, yet you see me spending on Nastygal. But I've just received income from a sideline job I took up during my short holiday in December and some money from Nuffnang, so I guess I do have the means (and excuse) to spend- at least for now.

Back to what I was saying. Because of the agreement we made last year, we both know what to expect on our birthday- from what we're having for dinner to what we're getting as birthday presents. So for my birthday this year, we went to Fish and Co for dinner because I told Mish I wanted the Red Velvet Cake for dessert. THIS CAKE IS THE SHIT. If you have yet to try this cake, I suggest you try it now. You will fall in love with it in no time. The first time I had it I decided I need to have it in my life at least once a month.

I didn't get to wear my 'birthday' dress out this year because I burned the mesh part while ironing it. The burn was really bad; it left a huge hole in the dress. I had to throw it away. It's really depressing cause I paid over $100 for the dress and I've only worn it once. So I settled for one of my other dresses which was not that fabulous for birthdays. 

We caught Gangster Squad at Plaza Singapura after dinner. Ryan Gosling was the only reason I agreed to watch it in the first place. The show was not bad I guess. We left for home after because I had work the next day.

My day went simply, yet I'm very happy. Thank you love for satisfying my every want. From the random cravings to my Nastygal addiction. 2 more years to being official! Let's go!

PS: I need help! Houndstooth-print pants or striped pants?


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  2. 2 more years to being official?? Hmmm...

  3. Yes! The red velvet is super nice right? I also had that during my 23rd birthday! Haha! And oh, two more years to what ehk? 😏 -alep

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  5. Hello, I do hope that you'll be able to respond immediately as I'll be placing an order on Nastygal soon. What shipping option do you usually opt for, USPS First Class Airmail (tracking not available) (S$18.39) or USPS Priority Airmail (tracking available) (S$42.91)? Thank you!

  6. what a great dress and u carry it really well.
    lovely pics of you and your boyfriend!

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it! <3

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