Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Because maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me.

(High neck crop top, Topshop. Double split front maxi skirt and leather jacket, Miss Selfridge)

My eve-of-birthday outfit! I think this outfit looks so much better than my actual birthday outfit (more on that in the next post). Yes, more black and white (you can expect the same in the next few posts too). Nothing new, really; Everybody knows I'm not fantastic with colours.

My birthday falls on a Sunday. But I could only celebrate so much then cause I have work the next day. So to make up for the loss of time, Mish decided to bring me out on Saturday to have a pre-birthday celebration  (which later turned out to be a normal go-out-to-town Saturday because I refuse to have my birthday dinner that day). I swooned at the sight of Mish when he came to pick me up. Decked in a grey Fred Perry shirt, red chinos and Zara shoes, he looked like a model. So handsome, my boyfriend hehe. 

Our day went by normally- window-shop, dinner and then home. But before I got home, Mish told me he needed to use the toilet. So we went to the community centre nearby and he well, used the toilet. We grabbed some twister fries from Macdonald's after and sat on a bench at the park behind the community centre. 5 minutes into sitting and talking, I heard a loud birthday song being sung across the bridge from where we were sitting.  There were lights and people and familiar laughters. My friends had planned this entire surprise and my boyfriend going to the toilet/ us buying Macdonald's and sitting on the bench at the park was part of the plan. I have 2 other friends who share the same birthday as me and 1 girlfriend who just had her birthday last week. The surprise was for all of us- all 3 of us (except Ahmad) were at different locations of the park, but were strategically situated so that we can see whatever that was happening. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT! The idea was brilliant as we would never discover the plan. Had we seen one another at the park, the plan would have failed. Amazing friends I have <3

This is not the entire crew that was there for the night; most of them left before we took this picture.

Stay tuned for my next post (actual birthday celebration). It's currently a work-in-progress!