Saturday, January 12, 2013

It turns slowly.

(High neck crop top, Topshop. Blazer, Tailored shorts,

I'm actually pretty damn beat from work as I'm typing this. But I want to get this post over and done with fast so that I can enjoy my birthday this weekend. So, this was what I wore to town and then to Que's birthday surprise at Mandarin Oriental that day. I wanted to wear a dress initially, but I decided I didn't want to outshine the birthday girl haha.

I am still very much in love with high neck tops/dresses. This ensemble is so simple yet chic. I like that it's fresh and clean; and I absolutely love the contrasting neckline of the crop top and blazer. We don't have to do much to break out of the norm; just change one part of your look (in this case, I traded the normal pairing of low neckline top and blazer with a high neck top and blazer) and voila, you got yourself a new look. On a side note, my thighs need work! I find myself in terrible shape now. Haven't found time to jog ever since work started. I must not be complacent. I need to maintain the body I worked so hard for.

Just a short update for now (my eyes can't take it anymore). Goodnight world!

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