Friday, January 11, 2013


This post is long overdue. Forgive me, I don't have the time. My week's been pretty busy up to this point. Bf's been really sweet- fetching me from work, surprising me with little things like cupcakes, koi and Macdonald's twister fries. He explained that it's my birthday week, hence the special treatment haha. My beautiful friends treated Que and I to a surprise dinner (with birthday cakes and all) on Monday and bought us gifts. Although my birthday is not until Sunday, I appreciate the advance celebration. Love you guys so much <3

So we celebrated Que's 23rd last Saturday at Mandarin Oriental. It was so much fun catching up with the girls. The last time we met was a couple of months back, last year? We're all so damn busy now with work and stuff. Every meetup that we have is very precious to me.

The gorgeous birthday girl.

I have really beautiful girlfriends :)

And then we got a little crazy...

And surprise birthday dinner for the birthday girls on Monday! Tired me is tired. Look at my face.

You know, I've come to a point where I don't care how I look like when I step out of my house, be it for work or anything else. I go to work makeup-less from the 3rd day onwards. I really can't be bothered anymore. But I cannot live without my eyelash curler and lipstain for the weekend! Wear nice clothes= must have nice face too. I can't be looking like a zombie in pretty frocks.

And oh, just a lil update on the sales post. The caged back bralet, and both total stud blouse in cream and peach are sold. The rest are still available! Email me at if you're interested in anything.

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