Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For better and for worse.

Short update of what I've been up to lately.

1. Break fast session with Sexayes at Tang Tea House and a visit to Gardens By The Bay after

2. Break fast session with the girls at Mak's place and then Geylang after with some of the boys

3. Hari Raya Day 1 with the family and only a quarter of the relatives (Decided to take more pictures of me smiling with teeth that day because someone said I look better smiling that way :) )

Pardon the low resolution photos above. These were taken with my iphone camera.

4. Caught photos of me and the girls in the papers

The Straits Times Urban and New Paper on the 17th of August:

New Paper on the 18th of August:

New Paper on the 19th of August:

5. Video of me and the girls making Ondeh-Ondeh (check out my face at 32 seconds. Don't know why I gave the look I gave to the camera. So weird. Haha)

The individual spread of the girls and myself has started yesterday. Must purchase a copy of the New Paper everyday from Monday to Friday for 4 weeks okay! Check out my gorgeous friends in New Face. I promise you a nose-bleeding experience. Anyway, for those of you who are interested, here are the exact dates and order in which the girls will appear:

Week 1
Aug 20 Mandy
Aug 21 Nadia
Aug 22 Eunice
Aug 23 Sharin
Aug 24 Audrey

Week 2
Aug 27 Jessica E
Aug 28 Shine
Aug 29 Brenda
Aug 30 Wynne
Aug 31 Kylie

Week 3
Sep 3 Nadiah
Sep 4 Leah
Sep 5 Katie
Sep 6 Jessica V
Sep 7 Nathasha

Week 4
Sep 10 Ho Sin
Sep 11 Monique
Sep 12 Fai
Sep 13 Charmaine
Sep 14 Syirin

Sorry for the spamming of New Face photos/updates. I really have nothing to blog about right now. Need to get my ass out and take more outfit shots for my blog.

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