Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deja vu.

I can't believe that the holy month of Ramadan will be over in 3 days' time. I feel a bit sad that the month is coming to an end. I felt like it just started, and I didn't do enough good in the time that I had. I hope it's still not too late for me to do what I want to do, give all that I want to give, and learn what I want to learn in the next few days.

Moving on to happier things, I (kinda) achieved the goal I set out for myself this Ramadan. Remember how I said I wanted to lose some fats on my thighs? Well, I don't know if I really met my objective (because I lost my measuring tape, so I can't measure the circumference of my thighs), but I did lost 2 kg. I really hope much of the weight loss comes from the thighs. I'd be disappointed if it's not. But Alhamdulillah, I lose easily nowadays, which means I can always shed off the excess weight fast whenever I go overboard with eating. 

Please don't judge me and call me anorexic. I DO NOT starve myself and I definitely DO NOT aim to be 44 kg. I didn't even expect to lose so much, especially since I'm contented with my previous weight of 46 kg. I didn't even increase the frequency of my runs. I merely do lunges everyday, and jog once a week. If anything, I think fasting helped me to lose the weight.

Anyway! Here's a video of me and the girls having our hair make over! I was the only who with a drastic hair cut (from waist long to above shoulder short). I was actually supposed to be one of the girls who was featured in the New Paper yesterday (Wednesday) because of my extreme hairover. But I didn't had make up on that day, so I was excluded haha. Check out my face when the hairstylist snipped away my precious mane (they already cut a bit of my hair before that, that's why my hair in the video looked shorter than it was originally). I look quite 'action' when I'm not smiling, you'll probably hate me if you didn't know me.


The top 20 group photo will appear in the New Paper this Sunday, 19th August (on Hari Raya itself) and my kuih-making article on Saturday, 18th August. The individual centrespread starts on the 20th (Monday) and ends on the 14th of September. My spread will come out on the last day (14th September), so do remember to grab a copy!

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