Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Floral frenzy.

So I left home on the Sunday, excited to get my outfit shot at one of the most scenic locations in my neighbourhood. Camera, check. Outfit, check. Location, check. Lighting, perfect. Mish got to his 'photographer' position, I got to my pose, and off went the shutter. Right after that first shot, a message popped up on the screen of my camera. An unbelievable thing had happened...........................................
There was 'NO MEMORY CARD'.

It was seriously a WTF moment for both of us. Like seriously?? There goes my (potential) perfect shot -_- Anyhow, we made do with my iPhone camera. Fortunately, the pictures turned out pretty good. But I only liked 2 photos out of the (probably) 10 that Mish took of me. So, here it is. Floral shirt from Runwaybandits, lace shorts from Saboskirt and booties from Jeffrey Campbell. Will be putting together a totally different ensemble using the same floral shirt seen here this weekend. As Barney would say it, it's gonna be LEGEND- wait for it- DARY! Haha.

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