Sunday, January 29, 2012

We can dance in the sand till the tide roll in.

Met up with Ayu last Friday for my belated birthday dinner. Went to White Sand's Mad Jack for some western cuisine. This girl is too sweet already. Even though my birthday was long over and she is always so busy, she took the time and effort to bring me out for dinner that day. Thank you for the treat baby! I love you <3

And of course, what is a blog post without pictures.

Pardon my ugly face. This girl didn't want to doll up, so I went there looking like I always do behind closed doors- a complete mess.

Cream of mushroom soup.

Ayu's chicken shop with barbeque sauce.

My grilled fish with barbeque sauce.

Ayu's banana fritter with ice cream.

I owe you one babe :) Thanks for the lovely time!

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