Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't blame it on the good times.

I wanted to say I haven't shopped in 2 months, but then I realise the irrelevance of this statement now because I just purchased a leather skirt online earlier on in the evening. Haha.

So yes, I bought a leather skirt (FINALLY). One in burgundy shade. I hope it looks good in real life because it sure as hell looks good in picture.

AND OMG, I SAW THIS SUPER CUTE JEANS YESTERDAY! I need to get my hands on them, pronto. But unfortunately, it has to wait because I'm damn broke + it's not cheap at all. Next week, please come fast. I need monehh.

These are on my want list right now:

1) Skater swing skirt
2) NastyGal Olive green shirtdress (WHY YOU SO EXPENSIVE ONE? Not worthwhile to use my credit for this)
3) That super rad red-ish jeans
4) Denim + tailored shorts
5) Denim bustier/bralet

Belated birthday dinner with Ayu tomorrow at Far East. We're having Ramen Ten for dinner. See you baby! <3

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