Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where were you while we were getting high?

I am on an eating rampage.

Been eating non stop the past few days, it's scary. The time of the month is nearing, I can feel it. I hate how bloated my tummy become during this period. Haha, 'this period'. So funny.

Wore my dark red/berry Topshop jeans out yesterday. I actually bought it in December last year, but I hadn't found time to wear it out yet. I la-la-love the shade! So pretty.

Town was boring. Singapore is boring. You can't do much if you don't have money. Agree?

The shade of red is gorgeous in real life, I'm not kidding.

Had Ben and Jerry's Double Brownie for dessert. One scoop of cookies and cream, and one scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough, sitting atop a warm, fudgy brownie. Delicious.

Walked around town a bit after dessert. Even with the crazy sales going on everywhere, we couldn't find anything decent to buy. So disappointing.

(Dark red utilitarian jeans//Cut out back shirt, Topshop)

Found this staircase while making our way back to the carpark. It was very inviting, so Mish and I had to rest our butt on it. And for almost an hour, we sat there doing nothing. SIAN OR WHAT MY WEEKEND! Anyway, I thought I look pretty good yesterday, so I asked Mish to take photos of me on the stairs. Haha. #vainmuch

Need to get him a smart phone soon. He won't leave my phone alone!

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