Friday, December 16, 2011

You can make me whole again.

Went out to Milennia Walk/Marina Square with my mum and niece on Wednesday. Wanted to try out the cupcakes at Twelve Cupcakes but by the time we reached (it was 7 pm), the only flavours left were red velvet and one other I don't remember because the design/colour was pretty bland and unmemorable. We had dinner at KFC and shopped around a bit, and.....I saw the perfect dark red/burgundy jeans! Didn't try it on due to time constraint, but I'm so gonna do so when I head out to town with Mish tomorrow. Hope it looks good on me!

(Leather jacket, Miss Selfridge. Tank top, Zara. Skinny jeans, Tosphop. Shoes, online)

Is it like, a girls' thing to take pictures in the toilet? Haha. Almost every girl does this. If there's one thing we girls have in common, it would definitely be this!

And oh my god!! Less than a month to my birthday. I feel like I just turned 21 the other day. Time, can you pleaseeeee slow down? ):

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