Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Exams are over. But I'm not in the slightest bit of mood for celebration. Both papers were tough (and I am not tough enough). I'm relief though- for a huge burden has been lifted off me. I pray I don't have to re-sit for any of the papers I just sat for. Pray for me, please? ):

On a positive note, I now weigh.........49 kg! YAY! 1 more kg to my desired weight. But 4 more kg to my NEW desired weight. Hehe. It just hit me now how much I've lost over these 3 and a half months. I mean, I only started to lose weight at the early half of the 3rd month/later half of the 2nd. And even then, the weight loss was insignificant. THIS 3RD GOING 4TH MONTH HAS JUST BEEN AH-MA-ZING. My weight's starting to drop really fast. I don't know why, but I'm sure as hell liking it. Thank you love, for encouraging me and helping me to achieve this. Please continue to put that Ruffles away from me.

Now, to start on my to-do list.

1) Register for next sem's subjects/modules
3) Back to tuition
4) Chase after a MIA company for debts owed
5) Wear my new clothes out and then shop for more new clothes (hehe)
6) Catch up on sleep
7) Catch up on tv shows
8) Run till I die
9) Wait a whole month for my birthday!

Loving this (:


  1. WAAHHH!!! you losee soo much weight! tell me how did you do it pleaseeee..(:

  2. Hello Diana! I basically just watch what I eat in general and make it a point to run every other day. On days when I feel like eating unhealthy food, I take in a small portion, just to satisfy that craving. I eat fruits as snacks when I'm hungry at night and I only drink water (water is known to help you lose weight fast). Again if I'm craving for sweet drinks, I only take a sip of it and that's it.

    I also cut down on the amount of rice/noodles I eat. I take in more dishes instead, and replace all yellow noodles with white. My usual dinner meal consists of rice and fishball soup with vegetables. I try to have only one meal a day, but 2 is fine if I feel hungry, since I do exercise and it requires a lot of energy.