Saturday, December 17, 2011


Blogging from my bed cause I am lazy to get up and switch on the computer. Mish decided to jog with me today. I don't know why, but everytime we run together, I feel a lot tired than when I go run alone. It is definitely not the speed, for I am sure I run at my normal pace (1st round fast, 2nd round constant, 3rd round slow). I just can't figure out what it is.. Haha.

After jogging, we played badminton with my mum and Iqah for a while before heading home. I needed the exercise today, especially after having laksa for dinner and a little bit of Ruffles after the jog (bad, bad decision. tsk).

I really don't know how long this regime will last. I'm praying harder each day, that God will help me get my small thighs fast. I'm looking at 2/3 more months of sacrifice and resistance. I want to enjoy my food!!

Anyway, I apologise for the influx of these 'diet and exercise-related' entries. I just need a place to document my growth/transition, so that when I get fat again one day (hopefully, never), I can look back and tell myself I did it once and I can always do it again. This is by far, the biggest achievement I've ever made, as far as getting thin is concerned. I'm in it to win it. But seriously uh, please stop me if I'm starting to get TOO skinny.


  1. Hi Syirin, I am just as heavy-bottomed and have fat thighs just like what you had previously. I am so envious of your progress. Would you be kind enough to share with me your diet/exercise regime please?

  2. Hey babe, I have replied you in the latest post (dated 20/12/11) (: