Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seems we're bound by the laws of the same routine.

Nail colour for the week!

Just got this bottle of nail varnish earlier today at The Face Shop. The colour's amazing in real life. So much more prettier than what you see here. It's a cross between neon orange and pink. And it cost only $2.90! Initial plan was to head over to a nail parlour tomorrow and get my nails painted. But with this, I save $4! Hehe.

I'm in such a great mood today despite having bad (period) cramps and all. Maybe because it's the weekend? OR it could be because I just bought a couple of things online. Shopping really is therapeutic, you know.

I'm home alone ): Half the family is at JB and the brother is playing soccer somewhere. Bf is forever busy. I'm bored.

And.... my selling post is updated! Click on the picture below or the preloved tab on my sidebar to be directed.

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