Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

Went leather jacket-hunting yesterday and I got myself one at a steal! $100 (after discount) from Miss Selfridge. Honestly, I don't really fancy Miss Selfridge (or its name, for that matter). I hardly ever want to enter their stores unless (in very rare occasion) something catches my eye. But the discovery of my new-found love had me change my perception of it. They do have some pretty amazing things, and it certainly doesn't hurt that I can use my F3 card to enjoy members' discount (:

After shopping, we headed straight to The Foundry for some reallyyyy late dinner. We had seafood pizza (my favourite!) and cheesy chicken bites. After which, the plan was for Mish to drop me off at Clarke Quay, where my friends were waiting for me.

Mish left (along with my leather jacket because it is impossible to stuff it in my bag). Met up with rest and partied at Zirca/Rebel.

(Open back cape dress, Platform sandals, Topshop)

Rave queen and king.

Look at the amount of space we had for dancing. The place was mad packed.

Our bouncer.

Sweaty and no-so-pretty faces of ours.


My pretty babies.

Reached home at 5, went to bed only at 7 am. Couldn't get my eyes to shut, even though I was already very tired. Woke up at 2 pm, completed some chores and then headed out back for my run. My legs feel like jellies now ):

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