Thursday, October 6, 2011

You know I'd give you all of me.

Our usual Saturday night consists of town-> window-shop/shop-> eat-> pictures-> lepak-> home. Probably the only routine I look forward to/love cause I'm always clad in t-shirts and jeans and go full on without make up from Mondays through Fridays. Plus, I get to meet Mish and actually hang out with him. Yes, yes, I sound like an overly-dependent and needy girlfriend- given the fact that I see him almost everyday, but truth is we only get to sit down and actually hang out on Saturdays, because:

1) we have classes only on Monday and Tuesday and Mish hardly wants to talk to me in class cause he's either sleepy (which he's always feeling) or SLEEPING or just don't want to talk to me (blooodyyyyy bitch),

2) when we're at work (ie. tuition), we can't talk (duh!) and then we head home straight after cause by then we're too tired to even talk about anything (we have other commitments the same morning/afternoon- he other tuition jobs, me other tuition jobs and one of the days, we have school in the morning and then work after), and

3) my only weekday off-day falls on his working day and his only weekday off-day falls on my working day.

And even though these arguments are still not solid/valid enough to convince you that I'm not needy towards my bf, I'm still gonna go on with the rest of this post and ignore your -_- face and the little opinion you form of me in your head. Hahahaha!

So, we had Fish and Co for dinner. It was Mish's treat! Service sucked. We waited a good half hour for our food to arrive. I acknowledged the fact that the place was crowded and that they needed more time to cook and all, but I was really turned off by the fact that we had to REMIND them of our order and get them to serve us our soup AFTER having my main dish on the table -_-. It was either that, or I was just reaaaaaallly hungry and because it was already close to 9 pm (need to adhere to my diet plan).

My dashing (but super short) boyfriendddd.

Fat thighs, fat thighs ):



1) Non-edited.

2) Edited.

(Polka dot dress, Nastygal. Red clutch, Runwaybandits. JC-inspired shoes, Indiesin. Socks, Topshop)

In case you're wondering (as did some others), those are not JC Litas. Me no money to buy original lah......unless you want to gift me? Hehe.

AND. Have you checked out this new baby? It's the Olympus Pen EPM1 (a semi-pro camera- light and great quality, awesome combination) and I need to get my hands on them!!

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