Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm glad you came.

More reasons for me to get a new camera! Hope you don't get dizzy browsing through the photos. And YAY to me for finally knowing how to enlarge my pictures here without the use of external image hosts like photobucket and flikr.

And oh! Remember the blog post I did (from previous blog) about the skirt I saw on a girl from the F3 Social Party? The one I'd promised to search for, no matter what it takes? Well, guess what. I found it and I am wearing it in the pictures below. Super stoked.

Check out the super cute suspenders my bf had on yesterday! He exudes the Ben Sherman/Topman model vibe uh. Haha. So in love with his dressing.

My hair sucks. My hair sucks. My hair sucks.

My hair sucks again. And I need to get them dyed badly. Look at the difference in shade.

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