Saturday, June 25, 2011

The rainy roads of your old town.

Was browsing through the papers today when I came across the New Paper New Face audition call ad for 2011. I remember trying out in 2009 and 2010, and I remember being rejected at the final round after getting through the second audition in BOTH YEARS. How painful. But who was I kidding man? I didn't have the physique for the competition back then, and.....I still don't have it now. Haha.

Went to google up the videos razortv took of us during the scouting stage of the competition (back in 2009). Both Que and I were in it. Although I am quite the extrovert in real life, I become extremely shy and reserved when I'm made to stand and speak in front of the camera. Que, on the other hand, is a pro at this. She can speak so fluently and behave naturally when filmed.

I was extremely fat right? Now I know why people say I lost a lot of weight. The change in size is pretty obvious. Haha.

Que, I swear you look damn good in this hairstyle lah! You should seriously consider chopping off your locks and re-create this look. This is your BEST LOOK EVER!

And in case you're wondering, the answer is no. I am not taking part in this year's competition. Any more rejection and I swear I'll be left with zero self-esteem. Haha.

To all the girls trying out this year, good luck (:

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