Monday, June 27, 2011

Guilty roads to an endless love.

Me being overly narcissistic. Hehe.

I was trying to create a loose, messy bun here but it obviously failed because, 1) my hair is thin and 2) my hair is thin. I have to resort to lots of teasing and hairspraying to obtain the voluminous effect. Plus I have millions of baby hair, so not very helpful. Teasing is very damaging to the hair, so I'm avoiding it at all cost. But no pain no gain right? I'd do it if I have the time to untangle the knots after.

Here, I was experimenting with the centre parting look. I am thinking of growing out my fringe and donning a centre part fringe in the future. Bf hates it but I'm doing it anyway.

I look pretty much the same with and without make-up I think (except that my eyes looked smaller and face looked paler and sicker). Can you tell which pictures are with makeup? Blue tee or brown tee?

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