Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Paper New Face 2013

Can't believe it's been almost a year since the New Face audition at Scape. Time flies. I still remember how nervous I was, walking up to the audition room. I was just another girl, hoping to make it pass the first round and subsequently, get into top 24 and become a finalist. I was never afraid of rejection; I was more afraid of missing out on the chance and having regrets later, especially since I know I worked so hard to get to the physique I was in then. I was glad I made that decision to walk into that audition room and try out. So many good things came out of it- one of which was knowing the girls.

Oh how I've missed those times! The adventures on board the cruise, the photoshoots, the rehearsals, the appearances, the crazy Oppa Gangnam dance session, the pigging out sessions... I wish I could do it all over again. I would never trade that experience for anything else in the world.

Now, almost one year on, the New Paper New Face competition is back again! Auditions are just around the corner and I urge you girls to try. Don't let the fear of rejection take you over; you never know what the judges see in you. Beauty is subjective after all. If you know of anyone who has model potential or if you think you have what it takes, come down for the walk-in audition at Suntec Tropics Artrium on the 15th of June between 2-6 pm. Bring along a friend if you're shy. For more info, do visit The New Paper New Face facebook page. See you there!

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