Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Army of two.

(Caged crop top and On the outs skirt, Nastygal)

I feel really bad every time I come to this space and realise that I haven't updated it since one/many weeks ago. Honestly, I have nothing much to blog about now besides the usual update of what I wore yesterday/last week/last month. Look what work has done to all of us. Robbing us of all the time we have and leaving us with just enough to do the necessary. Living in Singapore is so tough.

So anyway! I have been watching Justin Bieber's videos on Youtube during my free time. I really, really wish that he'll come to Singapore and perform. I just need ONE eye contact with him. After which I can die happy.

Also, I am more determined than ever now to work on getting visible abs after watching the Victoria Secret's Fashion Show the other day. Gonna start incorporating sit ups and leg raises in my workout soon. I hope I can start and not give up so soon. Haha.

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