Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flying solo.

(Laced skater dress, Nastygal)

Firstly, I apologise for the poor lighting. It was 6:15 pm and the rain just stopped (as evidenced by the pool of water on the floor). Secondly, I apologise for not taking the effort to adjust the lighting. I know half the time my face is hidden in the dark and you see nothing but my outfit (okay this is good on my part cause then you won't be able to see my flaws, hehe). And thirdly, don't you think I look better in white than black? I wore the same dress in black a few posts back and I think I pull off the white one better.

So, I got a job in an auditing firm. I start next week on the 2nd and I'm actually really nervous. Didn't think I would get a job so soon, but I'm really thankful. It's my first job ever in this line. I hope all goes well. Pray for me will ya? Need to go shop for corporate wear this weekend.

This is the unedited (uncropped) version of the photo I sent in for my resume (I took this at home. Haha, I know I'm a cheapo. But why spend on a proper passport photo when there's an app that can do all that for free?). I don't think I'm photogenic at all, and I dislike taking full face/straight on shots because I don't think I look good in that angle, especially when I don't smile (if you notice, I always tilt my face to the right because my best angle is the left side of my face). This is probably the only time you'll ever see me in a full face shot. Never again, I promise. 

And yes, in case you're wondering, that swing belongs to me, and the house at the side with the red 'curtain' at the top is my neighbour's home, not mine (mine's next to it; you can't see it here because it's being blocked by the wall). Sorry I'm not creative with locations lol.

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