Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feel again.

(Lace crop top, H&M. Jeans, Topshop)

Here's how my week went.

Thursday: Had dinner with the girls at Badoque (Farah's treat).

Saturday: Had my very first Subway sandwich at JB with Mish. Caught our first movie there too (The Hobbit).

Sunday: Mish, Iqah and I had Salted Caramel for dessert.

Monday: The usuals met up for a short trip to JB (yes, I made 2 trips down to JB in 3 days). The initial plan was to visit USS but it rained, so we had to cancel it.

Tuesday: Short lunch date (cause Auds had work) with Audrey and Nadia at Orchard.

Super tiring 5 days, but really fulfilling. So happy to finally get to meet all these people! Haven't seen some of them in a long, long time.

Went overboard with my purchases this month. I don't have income coming in, yet I'm spending like a boss. I'm using my savings to shop now, and that is not good news for my bank account. Tell me how not to when there are sales EVERYWHERE??

Also, I haven't been exercising regularly or as much as I want to. The weather makes me so damn lazy. I can feel the fats piling on. I get nervous whenever I step on the weighing scale these days. I never felt so nervous about my weight before.

I'm done with the first step in looking for a job (scanning of certificates). Now all I need is to take a recent photo of myself, start the search and pray for interviews. Oh, I need to get work clothes too. Oh no, more cash outflow :(


  1. You has like an awesome sense of style , I wish I had your wardrobe. Anyway Im just wondering, you just got that crop lace recently or long ago? Cause I would to get it too. :D

  2. Hello babe, yes I just bought it last Saturday at H&M ion. And thank you :)