Monday, August 6, 2012

New Face update + Meet the girls.

So, I deleted my last selling post. Nobody wants to buy my top :'(

ANYWAY! I really wanted to do an outfit post today (since I went out yesterday), but circumstances disallow me from doing so. I was at Vivocity when I suddenly felt cold. I wasn't feverish or anything, but I was feeling SO cold I couldn't move. I went home, took a panadol (A panadol and not 2 cause my eyes react unpleasantly when I take in panadol. I thought maybe taking in 1 would reduce the swelling effect, but no. My eyes still swell up like shit. Even now- 24 hours later, they're still very swollen). And guess what- after all that happened yesterday, I feel fine today. I didn't have a hard time waking up. I wasn't feeling groggy or cold- in fact, I perspired like crazy from reducing the speed of the fan last night. The best part? I was able to do household chores with no problem at all. Last night was just so..... weird. 

So I guess no outfit post this week. I hope an update from other aspects of my life makes up for it. You know how I hate leaving this space abandoned.

Recently, I've been busy with the New Face shoots and appearance. The New Face journey, so far, has been amazing. I've met lots of beautiful faces, beautiful personalities and forged wonderful friendships. I always get excited when meeting these girls. I know this journey will only get better in time (I really meant what I said okay. This is not some composition I have to submit to my teacher. Haha) Anyway, below are some pictures from all the events and shoots. I would love to upload more, but I'm too lazy to resize them. I'll introduce the girls along the way.

Subaru shoot

Wynne. She has the most beautiful skin on earth (besides Kylie), I swear.

The gorgeous Nadia. Eurasian mix Malay beauty.

Another pretty face, Monique. German mix Chinese doll.

Jessica E. The 1.8m tall Med student.

The model-esque Sharin and sweety, Katie.

Wynne, Nathasha, Katie and myself.

Appearance at Orchard Central

L to R: Charmaine (another model material), Nathasha (miss sexy legs), Ho Sin (sweetheart), Monique (prettyhead), myself, Fai (the super loud and fun-loving girl from Thailand) and Katie (Rozz look-alike)

The pretty girl on the extreme left is Leah. One of the youngest contestants. She's only 18!

L to R: Mandy (the cute and bubbly one), Nadia (one word= GORGEOUS), Eunice (also one of the youngest- 18 years old and another prettyhead), Sharin (geisha/model) and Audrey babyyy (SUPER GORGEOUS I WANT TO KILL YOU CAN?)

L to R: Jessica E (the tallest girl in the competition), Shine (our very own little miss SunShine!), Brenda (the exotic Chinese-Indian mix), Kylie (our thin-spiration! If you have read the papers, you would have learned that she used to be 100 kg. She also has beautiful skin) and Leah (beauty + brain).

Group shot at SPH

In this shoot (and in the previous Subaru shoot), I was a boy.

And the youngest contestant of all, Jessica V. She's only 15!

HAHAHAHA Monique so cute!

The individual spread for the Top 20 starts on the 20th of August and ends on the 14th of September. My spread will come out on the last day (14 September). Do buy a copy of the New Paper when the photos are released! The finals will happen on the 4th of October at Ngee Ann City.

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