Monday, July 23, 2012


Fasting has been great so far. I've been really careful and selective of the food I take in pre-dawn and dusk. I'm hoping to lose some fats on my thighs by the end of the month (with the help of exercise too, of course). Yesterday, I had a small portion of rice + squid for dinner and an apple for supper. For the pre-dawn meal, I had half a plate of Pattaya noodles and some biscuits. For dinner today, I only had 3 bite-sized red bean pau + 3 takoyaki balls. The amazing thing is, I don't feel hungry now despite having very little for dinner. I hope this stays :) life has been pretty routined these days. Wake up, do housework, play Scramble in between, leave for work (if there's any that day), come home, play Scramble again and then sleep. I haven't been spending  much too cause I hardly go to work in June and what little salary I've received from that month is almost gone now. And so the thing that almost never happen to me, happened- I went local online shopping! I didn't know there were so many good stuff in the local scene. Been too busy shopping internationally. It's nice to not have my pocket burned for a change. Yay to much cheaper shipping cost and clothes!

Will update again once my package has arrived. There will not be an outfit post this week because I didn't go out during the weekend, but there will be one this coming weekend. Gonna catch The Dark Knight Rises this Saturday on IMAX. Excited!

Anyway, the following are photos from recent dates and events that took place.

Town with Iqah:

Town with Mish:

Check out my humongous thighs!! ARRGHHH!

Ben and Jerry's date with Mish:

Sentosa date with the girls (on the Friday before last):

And..... the highest Scramble score yet for me and Mish. I'm pretty damn good in this game if I say so myself (the only thing I do not wish to be humble about, hehe):

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