Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kiss the stars tonight.

Met up with the girlfriend for dinner and shopping last Friday. Dinner at Strictly Pancakes was disappointing for me because my salmon came half-cooked (I didn't know that the salmon was served smoked, and not fully cooked). So yeah, I basically tossed the salmon aside and had plain pancakes. I paid $14 for it lah! SUPER NOT WORTH IT. Haha. Thank God for Que's garlic buttered prawn pancakes.

We walked from Prinsep Street all the way to Ion Orchard after dinner, IN HEELS. Awesome or whatttt!

Get ready for some picture spam!

My stupid salmon pancakes. Looks and tastes disgusting.

This is actually really good. But you'll get sick of it after a few more bites.

Forgot what we were laughing about here. Haha.

My pretty, pretty babe.

And boring, boring me. Haha.

Am loving the colour of my new lip cream!

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