Monday, April 9, 2012

And in this cover, we'll find shelter.

(Drape chiffon sleeveless shirt, Online buy. Double slit maxi skirt, Miss Selfridge. Lita platform boots, Jeffrey Campbell)

These photos were captured right before sunset in the vicinity of my home. Except for the first 2 photos, the lighting was perfect.

I hate the way I look in pictures, that's why I look away half the time in photographs (also why I hardly take close up shots of myself). I don't hate my face, I just hate how it looks in photos.

I had actually decided on putting this skirt up for sale last week while clearing my wardrobe. But after trying it on again the other day, I decided against it. There was no way I'm giving up this beauty. At least not in another 5 months, haha.

ANYWAY, The Vow was gooooooood.

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