Sunday, March 4, 2012

Summer comes and disappears.

Had an amazing night out with Mish yesterday. Went to catch Act Of Valor (very good movie!) at AMK Hub before heading to Punggol Waterway to wrap up the night. Sat there playing Scramble and Draw Something while laughing ourselves silly at our friends' masterpieces.

We didn't make an effort to dress up like we always do (it was one of those lazy Saturdays). So please pardon my unkempt hair, un-made up face and lazy/boring attire.

My legs look (look only) like they could go on forever here. Haha.

We were bored. Haha.

The lighting was pretty bad. We didn't had the flash on because the pictures look weird with it turned on.

Had my hair tied up to a messy plait. Look at how tiny the braids are. Haha. I think I have less than 1000 strands of hair on my head.

Been wearing a lot of short stuff/clothes lately. Time to get myself lengthi-fied! Haha. Look out for my next outfit post featuring longer length and bold prints.

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