Monday, March 5, 2012

Better in time.

I like how running makes me feel. It gives me the sort of liberation no other activities/tasks could. It's therapeutic, really. I like how my muscles ache with every step, how my heart gains rhythm and speed incrementally, how gently the wind blows on my face, how every thought and worry gets vanished almost instantly. I enjoy running. I don't think I'll ever stop running. It's funny how I used to hate running so much. What used to be a torture now feels like therapy.

Now, if only static exercises could give me the same kind of emancipation.

Ahhh, another torture. Hopefully, it gets easier with time.


  1. hey babe, did you get the round shades from Iscrewedyourbf?

    1. Hey, yup. I got mine there. They're only selling them for about $8-10.

    2. Oh I hope you opted for registered postage for it! Because I purchased the same item from them and it was 'posted' out a week ago but apparently it's still not here yet. I really don't believe in lost mails so yea.. Just wanted to let you know. Hope your parcel get to you! :)

    3. Omg! Thank you for the telling me! Unfortunately, I have opted for normal postage when I made the purchase on Sunday. I hope it reaches me though! Have you contacted them about this? Hopefully, yours will reach soon.

    4. Hey babe, my shades has reached me. Hope you'll get yours soon! :)

    5. Ok I just gotten mine today, apparently it was returned back to singpost because had some problem with the double postal codes written on the envelope :/ and iscrewedyourbf actually offered to post out a complimentary pair for me if it still doesn't reach me, so nice of them (now I feel bad about not trusting them haha) and those pair of shades are so nice right! In love~~~ hahahah

      Anyway, hi! I stumbled upon your Instagram and got to your blog. Don't wish to sound like a stalker but I read how determined you were to lose weight and you look so gorgeous now and I'm so inspired to do the same. I used to be in TAF club (haha) in sec sch and lost about 10kg w the same determination and perseverance that you had. So you kind of reminded me of myself. I'm obsessed w running too I run everyday else I'll feel fat so I guess we have a lot in common. Okay I'm talking too much now. I'd love to follow you on Instagram but I shyyyy HAHA okay nice bumping into you in the virtual world! Have a wonderful week ahead :)

    6. Hello yes! The shades are just gorgeous! Can't wait to wear them out :) Hehe. Thank God you got yours too.

      And thank you for saying that. I really am thankful for the determination and strength God has given me. I have people like you to thank for too for the kind and encouraging words. You guys give me the moral support I need to work towards my goal.

      And please, don't be shy! You can follow me at instagram! I'm a really nice person. Haha. But really, leave a comment there once you've followed so I know who you are :) you have a wonderful week too.

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    8. You seem like a really nice person so.... I've followed! Haha. Pretty obvious which is me. My name's Jihan, nice to meet you! :D