Monday, February 27, 2012

Two by two.

Headed to Paragon last Sunday with Mish to get his belated birthday present. He wanted a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for his birthday, but the phone was not available locally then. The phone was just launched a couple of weeks ago here. We got out pretty late (around 8-ish pm?), so by the time we completed the purchase, half the malls were already closed.

This is my second pair of coloured jeans. By coloured, I mean anything out of the conventional blue and black. I have taken a strong liking to jeans with reddish/pinkish tones. I think they complement my skin tone, and the subtlety of the colour allows me to mix and match easily.

(Sheer crop blouse, NastyGal. Moto dirty raspberry leigh jeans and strappy platform clogs, Topshop)

We made a last minute decision to go to Changi Airport and pay Mish's friend a visit (more like pay Hazel Nutella Shake a visit, haha). We split a cheesy pasta dish and 2 cakes between us.

My awesome Hazel Nutella Shake.

Picture fail #1. I focused on the objects on the table instead of my poor boyfriend. It was supposed to be the other way round. Haha.

Picture fail #2. Then, I blurred everything :/


  1. Hihi may I know what's the size of your hot color pants:D