Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Since 2003.

Pictures from the mini picnic/gathering session at Pasir Ris Park last Saturday.


One of the crazy games we played that day (which saw almost half the boys down. Haha).

Had dinner at Sakura after...

...where Hendra was suprised with a birthday cake!

As usual, the picnic started late. We were all supposed to meet up at 12 pm, but these guys can never make it on time. 12 pm = 2pm. I was one of the first few to reach the meeting point (aka Farah's house). I never learn my lesson. Haha.

Too bad some of them couldn't make it that day :( One more with the full gang okay?

Anyway, this is rather out of context. My SIL has 2 of this lipstick shade (NYX Matte lipstick in Summer Breeze). I do not have actual pictures of the colour when used on the lips because the lipsticks were never tried out or tested (you can google the pictures though). Both are brand new. She's letting them go at $10 each. Do leave a comment here/ drop me a message at syirin14@hotmail.com if interested! The pink shade looks very Barbie-ish in real life.

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