Friday, February 10, 2012

Nobody can call me fat anymore.

Usually, after every running session, I would stand in front of the mirror and pull my shorts up to look at the size of my thighs. Today, I decided to do something different- something I don't normally do. Instead of standing in front of the mirror with my shorts pulled up, I stripped out of my clothes and stared at my reflection in the mirror.

And this was what I saw...


The thing is, I KNOW how much weight and fats I've lost. I KNOW how much my thighs/arms/tummy have shrunken. But what I didn't know was how I looked like full on without clothes, stripped down to my natural state. And you know what? I WAS (AM) HAPPY WITH WHAT I SAW. I haven't felt so good about my body since secondary school. I was the skinny girl back then, but things took a turn when I entered Poly. Now, I'm back in shape and honestly, I've never been happier.

After a good, long examination of my body, I sat and thought to myself. This was it- the fruit of my labour, the reward for my hard work. I don't need to do anything anymore, I can forget about working towards being 45 kg now, I can forget about reducing my thigh size to 19 inches, I can finally FEEL GOOD about myself again. And so, I've worked out a new target and plan for myself. I decided I should stop losing any more weight and just maintain. So instead of running 4 km 3 times a week, I jog 3 km 2 times a week. Instead of restricting myself to 1000 calories a day, I take in 1500 calories a day (an addition of one full meal). The one thing that is not going to change is my 'no food at night' policy- although I may consider raising the 'curfew' to 10 pm. Of course, I still have to limit myself because the idea is to MAINTAIN and not GO BACK TO WHERE I WAS.

In 5 long months, I shed a total of 7 kg.

Now, standing at 165 cm, weighing 46 kg, I've never felt so proud of myself :)

In short,

I WAS sad...

....but I am happy now. HAHAHAHAHA! Okay bye.


  1. Congrats on able to achieve the desired weight that you want! KUDOS!:D May i know what kind of food is like 1000 calories? Thank you babe(:

    1. You're fast! I just uploaded this a couple of minutes ago! Haha. Anyway, there is no such thing as food that is 1000 calories. 1000 calories is the aggregated amount of calories from meals/snacks I have in a day. Like for instance, one bowl of noodles gives you about 350 calories, and one apple about 70 calories. So I take in a total of 1000 calories max in a day during my dieting days. And thank you so much for the comforting words! It means a lot to me :)

  2. you know what? yes you look awesome and beautiful but it doesn't matter how heavy you are. you're beautiful just the way you are/were :)

  3. just don't take it too far...counting calories is abit too much...sometimes you need a little fat to burn off excess fat...

  4. Anonymous 1: Aww, that's really very sweet. Thank you so much kind stranger. You made my day! :)
    Anonymous 2: Yeah, counting calories was a bit too extreme. But I guess I wanted to see results fast and the only way to do it was by watching my diet through counting calories. But hey, I never for once starved myself to the point of torture. And I don't have to count calories anymore now! Thanks for your concern. I know you mean well :)