Sunday, February 12, 2012

Because all these clothes are big and loose on me.

All items are in EXCELLENT condition. Prices exclude postage. Prices are slightly negotiable, but please be reasonable (I shipped in all these items from the US and the bought-in prices reflected here do not take into account exchange differences)

/EDITED: NastyGal #1 is pending and #2 is sold!


#1: Crimson shirtdress

Worn 1x
Bought at 68 USD
Letting go at 62 SGD

#2: Spotted shift dress

Worn 2x
Bought at 48 USD
Letting go at 45 SGD

#3: Sophie swing dress

Worn 2x
Bought at 58 USD
Letting go at 52 SGD


#1: TFNC Open back dress with cape sleeves

Worn 1x
Bought at 18 GBP (pounds)
Letting go at 25 SGD

Please leave a comment with the item name and your email address here. I will get back to you within 12 hours. Thank you <3

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