Monday, February 6, 2012

I know exactly where it is.

I hate it when people tell me I'm sick, that I'm not getting enough nutrition, that I shouldn't starve myself and that I'm anorexic. For the final time, I am NOT ANOREXIC. A person suffering from anorexia has trouble eating (by this, it means eating little/not taking in sufficient nutrients for the sheer fear of gaining weight)- a trait I clearly do not display. I have my meals at proper times of the day, I eat unhealthy food when I feel like it, I consume at least 1 apple a day, and I drink lots and lots of water everyday. Which part of my diet suggests I'm having an eating disorder? Just 2 days ago, I had Best Fries Forever at 9.30 pm. This morning, I had fried bee hoon AND sambal goreng rice for breakfast. And just a couple of hours ago, I had instant noodles. I'm SO SICK, aren't I?

Losing weight fast does not mean I'm not eating. I guess the simple explanation for this is exercising. I exercise a lot. And I exercise regularly. I jog at least 3 times a week, I jog long distance, and walk whenever I can. I am not lazy. I do not compromise on my diet. I believe I'm doing this right.

So stop with all your accusations/assumptions (yes, all you people who think I'm dying). You're annoying the hell out of me. Why are my actions affecting you so much? I chose to do this, and I did not hurt myself or others in the process. In fact, I feel so much more healthier now than before.

You don't have to tell me where the line is. I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE IT IS.

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