Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Save room for my love.

Hello, I'm back from KL!

And I missed out on THE event of the year while I'm away lor! Sad or what..

See, my gf had her birthday celebration on a yacht (and at a villa after) last Saturday. And while on the yacht, she was proposed by her bf. WHY DID I HAVE TO MISS ALL THAT??!! Aaarghhhhhh!! I really wanted to be there with her. My bf got to see the entire act, though. I jelly!!

Congrats Que! I is veh happy for you! And please meet me up soon. I want to see the ring, the Chanel and the Louis Vuitton (these are birthday gifts from her bf! Somebody shoot me please!!)

Okay, I'll be back soon. Bye!


  1. Beaaaargh! I wanted you to be there too. So sad. :,(


  2. Yeah, I know. So so sorry babe ):