Thursday, December 8, 2011


Taking 30 minutes off from studying to blog and to play games. Hehe. Life's been treating me fine, to say the least. I'm more or less prepared for my exams, just need to do a little brushing up here and there. I think (I hope) I got everything covered. Sadly, I don't have the confidence to take on the exams and kick ass. At the level I'm in, it's pretty tough. The amount of stress I'm receiving is equally overwhelming. Thank god I have the boyfriend to see me through this exam, and thank god we're carrying this burden together. Hopefully, we'll make it big one day. You the CEO, and me, the CEO's wife. Hehe. Can't believe I met someone who's on the same path as me. Same dreams, same ambitions.

Anyway, I can't wait for exams to be over!! If I can take both papers now, I'd do it. I just want to get things over and done with fast, you know?

On a separate note, the weighing scale's hovering along the borders of 49 and 50. It's a very, very, very, very, VERY slight tilt towards 49 now (ocassionally, it stays at 50) and I'm beginning to feel that I can actually do this thing. Miracles don't happen overnight; that's one thing I have learnt in my pursuit. You have no idea how much dreading I have to deal with just to go for my run every other day. And oh, the temptation to eat at night still get to me. I'm looking forward to the day where I can eat freely again; drink coke, eat macspicy (actually, I don't think I like coke and macspicy anymore), eat cheese fries without having to put a number to the fries consumed, eat my favourite ruffles again, etc. Aiyah, but it's still a long way away. Probably another 3 months or so before I could probably love my body completely. That means my dear thighs, you have got to co-operate.

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