Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Time flies when you're 21. I guess from this point onwards, time will just keep moving faster and faster. Everything is rushed and we are constantly under pressure. There are datelines to be met, work issues to be resolved, major exams to study for, personal goals to achieve. I wish time would stay still for a moment, so that I can catch my breath for a while. Oh, take me back to the time where everything was just laid back and slow-moving; where life was easy and we were carefree; where our only problems were problem sums and not those of relationship/finance/physical outlook (ahem! okay, this is self-inflicted *guilty*); where money don't buy us happiness; where family and friends were there to share our joy and pain; where school was a big playground and everybody were friends; where everything was not competitive, not stressful; where everything was beautiful, and we were genuinely happy.

Where is that time now? Where has it gone to?

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