Friday, December 23, 2011


23rd December 2011- 20.5 inches.

Reduction of 0.5 inches in 2 months. Pretty slow progress I must say, considering the amount of weight I lost in the same time period. And yes, I haven't mentioned this here yet. I now weigh 48 kg (yay!). I love my current weight, but I'm not gonna stop just yet, because my thigh is still an issue. I may possibly be underweight by the time my thigh problem is fixed, but that won't matter because the thinner, the better (by this, I mean skin and bones-thin, not just hanging bones-thin).

Was at Mish's house earlier on and his mum and sis commented on how pale and thin I look (in his mum's words, I look like 'popeye's wife, Olivia'). I haven't been to his place since 1 month ago, and already they're telling me this. Have I really, visibly, lost that much weight? I mean, yes, I see that on the weighing scale, but physically? Very minor difference; nothing worth getting excited about?

Less than a month to my birthday! I want to look good by then. Got hope or not?

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