Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some call it science; we call it chemistry.

Worked with the gf, bf and friends at Shangri-La Hotel yesterday. It was a one-off gig that require us (Que and I) to chaperone award winners up the stage. Meanwhile, bf and friends helped out backstage with the AV system and what not. The job was pretty simple and the hours were short. Just my cup of tea ((:

The gala dinner was for NUS-ISS. We were told to dress in black cocktail dresses and heels with make up. This was my second attempt at putting on full make up by myself. My mum said I look like I didn't had make up on, and that the only make up visible was my lipstick. I swear I had blusher on, but it fail to come out in pictures ):

I thought I look like a vampire with my fair skin and red lips.

Que- pretty, as always.

My iphone camera made me look blue. The 2 photos above were from Que's phone and they look fine.

Mish got veh sad because there were no pictures of me and him (I hardly ever have full make up on, so he wanted to take one with me in it, with him) Sorry lah baby, I forgot.

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