Friday, October 21, 2011

Walk down memory lane.

Mish inspired me to put up this post. He was googling something in the net when he chanced upon photos of me during my poly days. So, here you go. Timeline of my life and how I evolve over the years (starting from 2008).



The year I started blogging. If I'm not wrong, I started doing so at the later part of it. It was also my first year together with Mish. I wore a lot of coloured lenses back then because I thought they made me look prettier (actually, they did lah. I don't think I look pretty without them now). I dyed my hair pretty often too. And my eyebrows were super thin. Basically, I looked like a minah lah okay. I wasn't as interested in fashion as I am now. I wore mainly t-shirts and tanks and I always put on the same white skirt, black/white shorts and new future jeans. -_-


Also, I had this cutesy smile/pose thing going on, which was sooooo fake, yet soooooo in during those times (see photo above). Everybody was smiling that way in photos. Looking at it now, I feel so embarrassed and stupid for smiling the way I did.


The year I had multiple change of hairstyle. At one point, I had shoulder-length/long hair with side-swept fringe. At another point, I had short hair with bangs. This was also the year I ditched coloured lenses because I wanted to get use to seeing myself without them. This may sound stupid, but I felt like I needed to start loving myself in my natural being and not rely on cosmetic lenses to make me feel pretty. I didn't appreciate how I look without them back then, but I was thankful I made the decision to stop using them after cause it really affected my self-esteem.

I became fashion-conscious and was dressing more mainstream. I had all my hideous, minah-looking tanks and jeans removed, and I got myself better-looking clothes. I remembered how trendy putting on huge flower pins were that year too. And of course, online shopping became THE obsession.

I had a little tan going on then cause I was desperate to be dark. I was too yellow and pale for my liking.

I kinda miss my short hair ): I thought I look pretty good in it.


This could possibly be my favourite year. I finally developed my own, distinctive style and I ventured out of online shopping for a while (I didn't stop blogshopping completely, I merely cut down on it). My love for Topshop was evident too during the year. I thought they had clothes which complement my style and personality well. At one juncture, 75% of the things in my wardrobe came from Topshop.

This was also the year I vowed to keep my hair long. I have always had short hair; the longest length being just a little pass shoulder level. I wanted to have long hair for a change so I started growing it out. I'm still growing it out now.

I lost a bit of weight that year. I came down from 55 kg to 53 kg. I had the most amazing hair too (in my opinion, that is). I miss the natural waves I had. I'd do anything to get rid of this stick straight hair I have now. I really wish my hair grow out fast enough. I want my natural hair texture and waves back!

Mish still look the same over the years. Don't bother comparing.


My hair looked so healthy and free then, albeit appearing a tad unkempt at times. I still love it though.

These were all taken at the start of the year, when I just decided on growing my hair out.

I really have changed a lot over the years, both character-wise and appearance-wise. It is definitely nice to look back and laugh at myself for all those silly things I'd do to look pretty.

The best thing about walking down memory lane is knowing that we have trade up our past for something better now. That fact is definitely comforting to many of us.


  1. this was so enjoyable to read! haha and i absolutely love this photo of you

    you look really pretty and natural here! profile picture worthy ;)


  2. Hey babe, thanks! I was perspiring when mish took that shot! (: