Monday, October 24, 2011

He's magic and myth.

One of the not-so-fun-but-both-are-dressed-to-kill (aka wasted effort) Saturdays.

Look #1: Sleepy

Look #2: Amused.

Look #3: Surprised (suddenly got big eyes!)

Forgive my poor bf. He didn't get much rest the night before. This is what happens when sleep is deprieved. You get shots after shots of you TRYING to look fresh and awake.

My current favourite dress!

(Skater swing dress, Nastygal. Lace-up wedge, Zara. Leopard print skinny belt, Dorothy Perkins. Leopard sling bag, Miss Selfridge. Socks, Stradivarius)

This is the piece worn by the site's model (note the stark contrast in the quality of pictures). So pretty right? I didn't use the belt that came with the dress because it was damn loose on me (believe it or not, I have super skinny waist). But really, the belt was meant for someone wayyyyy bigger than TWO of me. I think they gave me the wrong belt :/

I love how slim and long my legs look in these photos (thus the spam)! I didn't even edit them beforehand.

HAHAHA! His pose looks super fake here.

My hamsum, hamsum, hamsum bf!

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