Monday, August 1, 2011


I don't understand why people can be so sore about not winning. I mean, sure, I understand your frustration, your disappointment over losing but we all learn something from everything and we improve ourselves thereafter. There is no reason to hate on the winner (or the decisions made by the judges/audiences for that matter). I have never succeeded in everything that I do; in fact I've lost/failed on numerous occasions. And yes, I did get upset about them, I talked to close ones, I reflected on the possible mistakes I might have made and I worked even harder the second time round- I DIDN'T HATE. In fact, I have never hated on any winners who had competed in the same race as I did. That's just low man.

I'm surprised at how you reacted on my winning. You have no ground to hate me cause I have never offended you in any way (dude, I just met you). But most importantly, I couldn't believe I let myself think you are a nice person. I'm such a fool.

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