Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cause everything inside never comes out right.

More photos from the event only because I have no other interesting content (and pictures) to blog about!

The place where we had our make up and hair done. It was our changing room cum 'backstage' (there's no actual stage if you're wondering. We catwalked on the 'dance floor' and went up a tiny podium as you can see from the photos below).

I think I screwed up in Q & A. I received 3 questions in all, while majority only had 1. So unlucky :/

Smexy (smoking + sexy; my new found word) duo.

I LA LA LA LOVE THIS PICTURE! I looked flawless here thanks to Miza again.

Credits to Miza, Rachel, Pamela, Chic magazine and some others whom I failed to acknowledge here for the photos in this post as well as the ones used before this.

On a side note, Happy Fasting fellow Muslims.

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